New Blog Section: The Old English Cemetery of Livorno in Images Thursday, Aug 23 2012 

A whole new section has just been added to the blog’s page about the Old English Cemetery of Livorno:

 ♦ The Old English Cemetery in Images ♦

The new page consists, for now, of a few sub-sections rich of images related to the cemetery:

I plan to add more pictures and themed-sections in the next future. Enjoy!

John Pollexfen Bastard surfaces through Pixels Friday, Jun 4 2010 

Wandering amongst the pictures of unidentified graves I made at the Old British Cemetery I was attracted by one which seemed to me, since I’ve seen it first a few months ago, quite tricky and looking like a sort of puzzle or enigma. (more…)

Old English Cemetery of Livorno: update #2 Tuesday, May 11 2010 

The first complete survey was completed a few days ago. All six zones have been analysed. The task was obviously easier with the help of the volounteers Francesco and Roberto, whom I often joined in cleaning of the ground.

Excluding for now the gravestone fragments without a precise location, the traces of destroyed (more…)

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