The first complete survey was completed a few days ago. All six zones have been analysed. The task was obviously easier with the help of the volounteers Francesco and Roberto, whom I often joined in cleaning of the ground.

Excluding for now the gravestone fragments without a precise location, the traces of destroyed graves and the monuments without inscriptions, the total number of analysed burials is 417. In this number I counted as distinct each person of the same family buried in the same grave. The number of monuments is somewhat trickier because many of them were ‘mounted’ together after WWII and could be counted as a single monument but in reality they are two or more since they often assembled graves of people with no relationship.

I must acknowledge the great help and encouragement we received at all times from the Venerabile Arciconfraternita della Misericordia, which manages both English Cemeteries of Livorno on behalf of the British Consulate of Florence. Despite the well known lack of available funds, they gave us new tools when the old ones failed, they installed a water line for cleaning and watering, and they often granted us formal and informal meetings. The same helpfulness and support was shown on the occasion of the visit to the New English Cemetery and I’d like here to thank Mr. Vito Favale, the caretaker. A special thanks goes to Mr. Antonio Donati who allowed me to study both the old registers and the historical graves at the Misericordia Cemeteries. We apologize with anyone not yet cited here: we are still learning your names!

We thank also the Preposto (President) of the Misericordia, the newly elected Mr. Enrico Della Bella, who rewarded our efforts by showing us his esteem and interest, thus creating the conditions for  future development of the project.

In this post I decided not to post any images or the initial banner because, my fault, I had not yet cleared up the question of the authorization to publish pictures on this website. I will solve the problem as soon as possible. I also hope to publish soon an update on the cemetery mapping.