Detail from a View of Porta Colonnella in Livorno (18th c.)

In 2002 the project was growing extensively and I began to  need some tools, so I created a chronology file for events focused on Livorno. I used both printed sources and the Internet, merging entries and verifying inconsistent dates and events. File includes very different pieces of data and information like: Government changes, population estimates, pestilences, town monuments and buildings’ construction, odd facts… then I added some basic color coding for Government changes (blue), epidemies and natural disasters (red), population changes and stats (green) and some family chronology (light blue) but it’s still pretty much a work in progress. At the end I added a couple more useful chapters for churches, walls and defense structures’ evolution and finally measurement units in use in Tuscany and Livorno. The work is in Italian and I didn’t have time to translate it into English for the moment. I chose to save it in PDF so you will need Acrobat Reader to read it: if you don’t have it just click on the icon on the right to download.

The Chronology file is here: Cronologia di Livorno (last version: v1.2 November 2011)