Shame! The “English Cemetery” of Pisa. Sunday, Sep 2 2012 

If you happen to visit the city of Pisa by bus, chances are that your bus parks at the large bus parking area on Via Pietrasantina, a few hundred yards away from the world heritage site of Piazza dei Miracoli, where thousands of tourists visit the leaning tower everyday.
In this case, unfortunately, you might also happen to walk down Via Pietrasantina to reach the famous square, risking at the same time your life and (more…)

New Blog Section: The Old English Cemetery of Livorno in Images Thursday, Aug 23 2012 

A whole new section has just been added to the blog’s page about the Old English Cemetery of Livorno:

 ♦ The Old English Cemetery in Images ♦

The new page consists, for now, of a few sub-sections rich of images related to the cemetery:

I plan to add more pictures and themed-sections in the next future. Enjoy!

Capt. John Wood, killed in the 1653 Battle of Leghorn and his “forgotten italian grave” Wednesday, Oct 27 2010 

The Battle of Leghorn: Overview

The battle took place on 14 March 1653 (4 March 1652 Old Style), during the First Anglo-Dutch War, in the waters off Livorno. It was a victory of a Dutch fleet under Commodore Johan van Galen over an English squadron under Captain Henry Appleton. Afterward an English fleet under Captain Richard Badiley, which Appleton had been trying to reach, approached but was outnumbered and fled.  Appleton’s squadron comprised two warships: the Bonaventure (44 guns) and Leopard (48), and four armed merchantmen: the Sampson (40), the Mary (30), the Peregrine (30) and the Levant Merchant (30). (more…)

To the Editor of The Times… Sunday, Oct 24 2010 

The Times online archive (1785-1985) is an amazing source of information with full-text search. I tried to find some interesting citation about the Old English Cemetery of Livorno and came up with the following “enlightening” articles:

Friday, April 18, 1879 (more…)

Old English Cemetery of Livorno: 65 Suggestions… Tuesday, Apr 27 2010 

…an afternoon at the Old English Cemetery of Livorno: impressions, suggestions, contrasts…


Three Livorno’s Historical Cemeteries Saturday, Nov 7 2009 

The following map illustrates  the position of the three main historical cemeteries in Livorno used for the research: the two English burial grounds (old and new) and the Dutch-German cemetery. The Old English cemetery is probably the oldest in Italy and you can clearly see on the map that it was very (more…)

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