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  1. Discovery: Cavour’s maternal grandmother was buried in Livorno.
  2. The Story of a man, of his diseased body and his grave (including his medallion)
  3. Non-catholic civil registers of Livorno (1818-1865) fully indexed.
  4. Livorno Non-Catholic Marriages’ index (1818-1865) completed!
  5. 2012 in review
  6. {100/40000}
  7. Livorno Non-Catholic indexes (1818-1865) silently updating…
  8. Livorno Non-Catholic Birth, Marriage, and Death indexes (1818-1865) are online
  9. New Section: Livorno/Leghorn in Quotes
  10. Shame! The “English Cemetery” of Pisa
  11. New Blog Section: The Old English Cemetery of Livorno in Images
  12. Geneanet Database Update: April 2012
  13. New Blog Section: the Greek-Orthodox Nation of Livorno
  14. On Tobias Smollett’s grave(s)… Reality or poetic licence?
  15. Anonymous writer identified: a new source about Tuscan life in the 1840s
  16. Gould Francis Leckie (c.1767-1850): the rediscovered grave and a biography.
  17. Reminiscences of Mary Thompson, daughter of the British Vice-Consul in Livorno. [PDF]
  18. The Old English Cemetery in Quotes: a new page
  19. History of the Old English Cemetery: a new page of the blog.
  20. Diplomats buried at the Old English Cemetery of Livorno – Part 1
  21. 2011 in review
  22. Dutch-German Church of Livorno: who paid to build it? (part 4)
  23. Dutch-German Church of Livorno: who paid to build it? (part 3)
  24. Dutch-German Church of Livorno: who paid to build it? (part 2)
  25. Dutch-German Church of Livorno: how much did it cost?
  26. Dutch-German Church of Livorno: who paid to build it? (part 1)
  27. The Chamber of Commerce of Livorno: a brief outlook on its origins.
  28. A little note to my readers…
  29. Is 1644* the foundation date of the Old English Cemetery of Livorno? The Testament of Daniel Oxenbridge of Liverne.
  30. William Davies barber-surgeon, and the dangers of burying a non-catholic in Early Modern Livorno
  31. Mariners’ casualties in Livorno (1792-1796)
  32. Members of the Dutch-German Nation of Livorno (Congregazione Olandese-Alemanna) 1622-1911
  33. Lines written in the Protestant Cemetery at Leghorn.
  34. Capt. John Wood, killed in the 1653 Battle of Leghorn and his “forgotten italian grave”
  35. To the Editor of The Times…
  36. On the traces of Steddy Grinfield of Siena, Esq.
  37. Jamaican connections in Livorno #2: The Beckfords
  38. Baron Seymour Stocker Kirkup: grave found!
  39. Nonna Rita
  40. Richard Starke – Update
  41. John Pollexfen Bastard surfaces through Pixels
  42. Old English Cemetery: a little boy in a thousand pieces…
  43. Old English Cemetery of Livorno: update #2
  44. Jamaican connections in Livorno (UPDATED)
  45. Old English Cemetery of Livorno: 65 Suggestions…
  46. Unexpected “discovery”: Mariana Starke’s father lies in Livorno
  47. Old English Cemetery of Livorno: fragments
  48. Old English Cemetery of Livorno: Update
  49. Old English Cemetery of Livorno: Survey and analysis
  50. Montgomery Carmichael on the Old British Cemetery of Leghorn
  51. A dispute on Tobias Smollett’s burial in Livorno dated 1898.
  52. German-Dutch Cemetery Ossuary
  53. 1858 – German-Dutch Congregation’s members (Congregazione Olandese-Alemanna)
  54. Burials at the Old English Cemetery of Livorno (Via Verdi)
  55. Leghorn’s Notaries at the State Archive of Florence
  56. Burials at the New English Cemetery of Leghorn (Via Pera)
  57. Some Lisbon merchants
  58. Tunis – St-George’s Church and Cemetery
  59. Amelia Evans Barry (1744-1835)
  60. The “Chapel Registers” of Livorno 1707-1824
  61. Burials at the Dutch-German Cemetery of Livorno
  62. Three Livorno’s Historical Cemeteries
  63. Some burials at the Old English Cemetery of Livorno (Via Verdi)
  64. Huguenot Wills and Administrations in England and Ireland 1617-1849
  65. Professor Doug White at UCI
  66. Project Documentary by Livia Giunti
  67. British Consuls at Leghorn