The Research Area in the Mediterranean Basin & Europe

The Research Area in the Mediterranean Basin & Europe

This research is based on official documents for certain areas like Leghorn, Smyrna, Aleppo, Genoa, Florence, Lyons, Marseilles…

Other sources include books, websites, other researchers and also information coming from paid subscriptions with Scotlandspeople,, The National Archives, etc…

Main cities researched: (click for detailed sources)

ITLivorno (Leghorn), Genoa, Naples, Milan, Turin, Florence, Pisa, Venice…

UK – London, Edinburgh, Dublin…

DE – Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Bremen, Munchen, Koln, Aachen, Stolberg, Duren, Landau…

FR – Lyons, Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nimes, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Le Havre, Die, Grenoble…

NL – Amsterdam, S’Gravenhage (Den Haag), Rotterdam, Maastricht…

BE – Brussels, Antwerpen…

CHGenève, Neuchatel, Lausanne, Zürich, Basel…

NO – Bergen, Christiania, Eid…

TRSmyrna, Istanbul, Ankara (Angora)…

SYRAleppo, Damascus, St. Jean d’Acre, Syra, Tripoli…

USA – Philadelphia, Boston, New York…

and: Algiers, Cairo, Gibraltar, Malta, Chios (Greece), Mexico, Antilles, India, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Brasil…

Work is in progress for adding more pages and sources.

INTERNET DATABASES (waiting to be categorized in a specific page)

Huguenot Refugees Database – Base de données du réfuge huguenot (in french language)

FiBiS – Families in British India Society (620,000 people from 1600 to 1947)

FamilySearch – by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

The National Archives [TNA] (UK) and their DocumentsOnline

The National Archives of Ireland

The National Archives of Scotland [NAS] and their ScotlandsPeople

The National Archives [NARA] (US)

Société Genevoise de Généalogie [SGG] – Geneva Genealogy Society and their Geneva’s burial index

Archives de l’Etat de Genève [AEG] and their Online Documents

The British Newspapers 1800-1900 by The British Library

Bibliothèque Nationale de France [BNF] and their Gallica digitization program

Google Books

Internet Archive Text Archive and Internet Archive Wayback Machine

Nationaal Archief (Netherlands) and their Dutch East India Co. personnel 1700-1794

TANAp – Dutch East India Company (VOC) Documents 1602-1795

Archives Nationales (France)

Deutsche Biographie (Bayerische StaatsBibliothek)

Base Iconographique – Portraits (BPU Neuchatel)

British History Online – Browse by Source

Stirnet Families Database

Dictionnaire Historique de la Suisse [DHS]

IGI Batch Numbers – British Isles and North America (useful for IGI search on FamilySearch website)

Baptismal Registers of  Florence 1450-1900 (Santa Maria del Fiore)

Dictionnaire des horlogers célèbres (WorldTempus)

The Protestant Cemetery of Florence called the English Cemetery

London Burial Grounds (description of old London cemeteries – No Name Index)

thePeerage – A genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the royal families of Europe

Pepys’ Diary – Daily entries from the 17th century London diary

18th century currency converter


Levantine HeritageA wonderful website expressing the full sense of the research in the Mediterranean

Colin Jermy’s website about the JERMY family

Genealogies of families originating in the Hellenes, Aegean and Chios by Christopher A. Long

huguenots France by Roland Gennerat

Stirnet Project by Peter Barns-Graham