Amelia Evans Barry (1744-1835) Monday, Nov 9 2009 

Detail of Lewis Evans' Map of Delaware, 1755

Amelia Evans Barry came alive during research with my far cousin Hélène Koehl (descendant of Amelia). Together we solved a very complex mistery to unveil her identity. Keys to the discovery have been: the maiden name of one of her daughters Philotesia Jeannetta; Nicholas Brooke revealing the name of the authoress of  “Maria, a Persian slave” &  Ingamell’s Dictionary which was essential as well.

Hélène Koehl then wrote her story while I continued (more…)

The “Chapel Registers” of Livorno 1707-1824 Sunday, Nov 8 2009 

As you probably read in the Sources [Livorno], there are two registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials kept by the British Factory Chaplain at Leghorn dating from 1707 all the way to 1824. These records do not just include Anglican people but all the foreigners dwelling in Livorno and surrounding areas (Genoa, Florence, Pisa, etc…) who where not catholic, so one can find in it Swiss, French, Germans, Russians, Austrians, etc…

Many years ago (more…)

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