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Livorno delle Nazioni

Friends of Alfredo Müller painter-etcher

Associazione Livornese di Storia, Lettere e Arti

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Cemetery Research Group (CRG)

Association for Gravestone Studies (AGS)

- Paris Cemeteries / Les Cimetières de Paris

- Save a Grave

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Huguenot Refugees Database – Base de données du réfuge huguenot (in french language)
– FiBiS – Families in British India Society (620,000 people from 1600 to 1947)
– Nationaal Archief (Netherlands) and their Dutch East India Co. personnel 1700-1794
Baptismal Registers of  Florence 1450-1900 (Santa Maria del Fiore)
– The National Archives [TNA] (UK) and their DocumentsOnline
The National Archives of Scotland [NAS] and their ScotlandsPeople
Société Genevoise de Généalogie [SGG] – Geneva Genealogy Society and their Geneva’s burial index
Archives de l’Etat de Genève [AEG] and their Online Documents
The British Newspapers 1800-1900 by The British Library
– TANAp – Dutch East India Company (VOC) Documents 1602-1795

  • English Cemeteries around the World

- Florence

- Lisbon

- Messina

- Malaga

- Mexico City

- Zante

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- Economic History Blog

- Levantine Heritage

- The Medici Archive Project (MAP)

- Merchant Networks Project

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Nuovi Studi Livornesi

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