Non-catholic civil registers of Livorno (1818-1865) fully indexed. Saturday, Aug 31 2013 

The three index volumes

I’m pleased to announce the completion of the indexing process of the non-catholic civil registers of Livorno (1818-1865)!

The work took really a long time (almost a year) and a great effort but is now complete in its 15898 single entries that represent a total of 3628 family names. I believe that the registers for which these indexes were made are of the greatest importance for Livorno but also for a much larger audience given the fact that so many non-catholics were living in Livorno, coming from all over the world. Additionally these records include, and are composed mainly of, Jewish people. As everyone is aware of the importance of the Jewish community of Livorno, these records can depict the family networks of all these people for a period just short of 50 years across the 19th century.

If you didn’t follow the other posts about this subject, please take a few moments to read the introduction to these records. On the same page you will find the links to access the indexes. ( EzVN8HdtkCV5rZrTWIbp )

Livorno Non-Catholic Marriages’ index (1818-1865) completed! Saturday, Aug 3 2013 

The Livorno’s Non-Catholic Civil Marriages’ Index (1818-1865) has been completed in the past few days; after the initial release of several sections, it is now fully published online. The index is comprised of 3288 single entries, representing 1644 different marriages, and a little over 1000 different family names.

Some more information on this source can be found here (also accessible from the blog homepage), otherwise you can  directly access the

Marriages’ Index.

New Blog Section: The Old English Cemetery of Livorno in Images Thursday, Aug 23 2012 

A whole new section has just been added to the blog’s page about the Old English Cemetery of Livorno:

 ♦ The Old English Cemetery in Images ♦

The new page consists, for now, of a few sub-sections rich of images related to the cemetery:

I plan to add more pictures and themed-sections in the next future. Enjoy!

To the Editor of The Times… Sunday, Oct 24 2010 

The Times online archive (1785-1985) is an amazing source of information with full-text search. I tried to find some interesting citation about the Old English Cemetery of Livorno and came up with the following “enlightening” articles:

Friday, April 18, 1879 (more…)

Old English Cemetery of Livorno: 65 Suggestions… Tuesday, Apr 27 2010 

…an afternoon at the Old English Cemetery of Livorno: impressions, suggestions, contrasts…


Old English Cemetery of Livorno: fragments Wednesday, Apr 21 2010 

Let’s continue on the subject of fragments. Here is the detailed process of matching fragments to original graves with the help of the computer.

A few days ago while we were cleaning a part of zone C1, next to Honoria Stacpoole, some remains of  (more…)

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