The file format is Heredis 14.2 Pro (from BSD Concept).

It is exportable in GEDCOM format but the conversion process implies a data loss of those fields not compatible with the Gedcom standard.

  • Database file dimension: 117 Mb
  • Total individuals (August 2013): 129,995
  • Total individuals with recorded events in Livorno: +6500
  • Marriages: 49,240
  • Distinct family names: 21,410
  • Cities/villages having at least one recorded event: 3,863 + a few hundreds not yet correctly categorized.

Geneva (CH)  +4500 individuals

London (GB) +5000 individuals

Paris (F) +1700 individuals

Lyons (F) + 1500 individuals

Smyrna (Izmir) (TR) +1000 individuals

Aleppo (SYR) +250 individuals

  • Surnames/Names statistics (on Geneanet)
  • Links between people (other than genealogical): 9,835
  • Medias (pictures, manuscripts, documents, wills…): >7,000
  • Printed books/articles in project library: >1,500
  • PDFs (digital books + web articles): >3,000
  • Web bookmarks: ~2,750
  • Google Books Bookmarks: >2100 (See the book library online)
  • Total used disk space for the Project: >120 GB

LMN names&places list (PDF)

(over 20,000 family names and the corresponding cities)

Geneanet & Geneweb

I chose the Geneanet website for many reasons but mainly because it has an international interface, it’s free (except some “Pro” areas), it’s huge and allows a comparation of user’s databases and, most important, its core software is Geneweb, a very simple yet very powerful open source program created by the french INRIA researcher Daniel de Rauglaudre.

Geneweb has no limits on the number of individuals, it’s very quick and it has a unique power: it can compute and visualize the shortest path between any two individuals of a given database no matter its complexity even if there’s no blood relationship.

A purposedly complex example of this feature:

Nicholas Sarkozy <–> Lord Byron

passing through the de Pourtalès, Sismondi, Wedgwood, Darwin and Chandos-Pole families.