Old English Cemetery of Livorno: fragments Wednesday, Apr 21 2010 

Let’s continue on the subject of fragments. Here is the detailed process of matching fragments to original graves with the help of the computer.

A few days ago while we were cleaning a part of zone C1, next to Honoria Stacpoole, some remains of  (more…)

Old English Cemetery of Livorno: Update Tuesday, Apr 20 2010 

The survey is going on, everyday. Including today I have surveyed 411 graves and taken 315 shots (77%).

Coverage of the zones as follows:

A1: 100%  B1: 97,1%  C1: 88,5%  A2: 97,4%  B2: 33,6%  C2: 85,7%

We are having still lots of problems with (more…)

Old English Cemetery of Livorno: Survey and analysis Monday, Apr 12 2010 

Actual Status (with a lucky meeting…)

A few weeks ago I started the first deep survey of this exceptional burial ground, having the chance of finding there a guy who was cleaning up volountarily the “jungle” that keeps growing and literally swallowing the monuments, graves and, with them, the centuries of history that are trying desperately to communicate with us. I have to say that many of the graves have already been “eaten” by the vegetation, and it’s a really hard work to figure out where they were placed in the cemetery and which pieces of stones belong to them if still readable.
Below I posted a few images of the actual state “before and after”. My good fellow (more…)

Professor Doug White at UCI Sunday, Nov 1 2009 

This is going so fast !

I got in touch with professor White at University of California @ Irvine because of his studies on complexity and social networks after I visited his web page and I read about his analysis of genealogical networks and P-Graphs using the notorious Pajek software by Professors Andrej Mrvar and Vladimir Batagelj at the University of Ljubljana.

He created at once a wiki site at the UCI to publish our e-mail exchanges for future reference and collaboration with other people. You can find the link to the wiki on the left bar.

Today he produced the first graphical visualizations (more…)

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