Jamaican connections in Livorno #2: The Beckfords Friday, Oct 8 2010 

Aloysiam Beckford | Londini natam | nec dum trilustrem | Senis mortuam | Parentes hic disposuere | anno 1788.

This simple inscription, just one among the hundreds at the Old English Cemetery of Livorno, was mysterious until a few days ago when I received one of those rare e-mails that have the power of shedding light on people and facts that seemed lost forever once.

Dr. Viviana Castelli, a seismology historian (more…)

Jamaican connections in Livorno (UPDATE 2) Saturday, May 8 2010 

While wandering among the gravestones at the Old English Cemetery of Livorno you can come across people from many different places.  Livorno was, of course, connected to many harbours and there were all sorts of products being shipped in and out through the agreements between merchants worldwide.

Recently I stumbled upon a couple of inscriptions regarding Jamaica:

“Sacred to the memory of (more…)

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