While wandering among the gravestones at the Old English Cemetery of Livorno you can come across people from many different places.  Livorno was, of course, connected to many harbours and there were all sorts of products being shipped in and out through the agreements between merchants worldwide.

Recently I stumbled upon a couple of inscriptions regarding Jamaica:

“Sacred to the memory of | Margaret Mary Felsted | of Kingston, Jamaica | who died at Leghorn | May 2nd, 1833 aged 78 year [sic].

To the memory | of | Elizabeth Catharine Barnett . | wife to William . Barnett | of Arcadia | in the island of Jamaica Esquire | daughter of  D. William Markham . | Lord Archbishop of. York | and of Sarah Goddard his wife. | who departed this life. | at Florence on the 22. of April 1820. | aged 54.

I was not able to find anything about the first lady  apart from the fact that, in the same period,  a Samuel Felsted [the original page has gone offline so this links points now to a snapshot of the web page, thanks to archive.org] was a well known composer in Jamaica. The Felsteds are also cited below.

***UPDATE March 2011

Thanks to new information from a corresponding researcher, it’s now possible to establish the identity of “Margaret Mary Felsted” as Margaret Mary LAWRENCE, born 4 April 1755 in Kingston, Jamaica and wife of the composer Samuel Felsted (1743-1802). She is most probably connected to the LAWRENCEs of Jamaica (descendants of Henry LAWRENCE (c.1601-1664), President of the Council of State under Cromwell) and to the Charles LAWRENCE cited below. Margaret Mary and Samuel Felsted had several daughters and it was during a visit to one of them, Christiana DAWSON, that she came in Livorno and died there. Another of their daughters, Ann Cooke, married Joseph FRY (1771-1848), native of Bristol, who emigrated to Jamaica in 1795 and died as well in Livorno being then buried at the New English Cemetery. Joseph FRY and Ann Cooke FELSTED were the parents of Sophia Mathilda FRY (1806->1886) who married Pietro Paolo PATE (1793-1855) in London in 1829. The family connections of this last couple were very extended and included, as cousins, the TAUSCH and MASTIANI BRUNACCI and, as nephews, the MALENCHINI and BASTOGI.

The second woman, Elizabeth Catherine MARKHAM, was a daughter of the Right Rev. William- MARKHAM, born in Ireland in 1719, who became Prebendary of Durham in 1759, Dean of Rochester in 1763, Dean of Christ Church in 1767, Bishop of Chester in 1771 and, finally, Archbishop of York in 1777. He was also at one time preceptor to the Prince of Wales. He died in 1807 and was buried in Westminster Abbey. In 1759 he had married Sarah (1738-1814), daughter of John GODDARD, of Rotterdam. The GODDARDs were Irish merchants who settled in Rotterdam in 1714, with John Sr. (1690-1766), father of Sarah, and his son John Jr. (1736-1798), of Woodford Hall, Essex. It was the latter who married Henrietta Maria HOPE in 1762, daughter of Henry Sr. and sister of the famous Henry HOPE Jr. (1735-1811) born in Boston, merchant banker in Amsterdam. She was a grand-daughter of  the Scottish merchant Archibald HOPE Senior (1664-1743) founder of “Hope&Co.” of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Elizabeth Catherine MARKHAM married c.1780 William BARNETT from Arcadia in Jamaica, probably related to another William BARRETT (1733-1787), owner of the Arcadia and Barnstaple properties in Trelawny. There’s some possible confusion between the BARNETT and BARRETT families in Jamaica.

To find other connections related to Jamaica I performed a search on my “Leghorn Merchant Networks” database by extracting individuals having an event registered on that island.  Here’s a selection of them presented in no particular order:

John BALLE: almost no information on him until now. A few traces indicate that he was merchant at Aleppo and factor for the Royal Company. Some sources also state that he died in Jamaica. He’s one of the 17 sons and daughters of Sir Peter BALLE (c.1599-1680), a lawyer and antiquary, who had been recorder of Exeter and Attorney general to Queens Henrietta Maria and Catherine. Among the 17 children there were some of particular interest to my research like Giles BALLE (c.1657?-1713), a merchant at Genoa whose death appears on the Chapel Registers of Livorno but whose grave doesn’t seem to be at the Old British Cemetery. Giles was friend of Frederick HERNE (d.1694), Sheriff and Alderman of London and son of Nathaniel, another Sheriff of London, and friend of Francis GOSFRIGHT whose wife, Hester TYRREL, was buried in Livorno in 1676. Among the brothers of Giles and John BALLE there were also Robert BALLE, merchant at Leghorn, Charles BALLE, merchant at Messina, and Amos BALLE, merchant at Cales [Calais?]. Finally there’s another probable family member dwelling in Livorno: Thomas BALLE, British Consul…

Howe BROWNE: an infant, who lived only 12 months and died in 1822 at Florence,  buried then in Livorno.. His father Howe Peter BROWNE (1788-1845), 2nd Marquis of Sligo and Governor of Jamaica, was a maternal grandson of Admiral Richard HOWE (1725-1799).

Sophia Mathilda FRY, of a protestant family of Jamaica related to the LAWRENCEs and FELSTEDs, married in London Pietro Paolo PATE, born in Livorno in 1793,  son of Tommaso PATE and Rosa PICCHIANTI. The PATEs were catholic merchants who fled England in the 17th century to escape the repressive laws against their religion. (there’s a lot more on the PATEs being researched for the project – See ***UPDATE above)

Henry Lloyd ROUTH (1788-1863) was a merchant in the firm Huddart, Routh & Garland in Livorno and was also a close friend with my SENN ancestors. One of his uncles, John ROUTH (c.1737-bef.1778), an excise officer in Bristol, married Mary, daughter of a rich planter of Jamaica, Edmund GOLDEGAY. With the ROUTH family we are entering a very complex network of merchant families including the GARLANDs, the DARBYs, DE WITTs, etc… spacing in the whole Mediterranean area and America.

Anne LASCELLES (1721-1791)  better known as Ann SMOLLETT, wife of Tobias George SMOLLETT: she was from a well known family of planters of Jamaica and she was born there, at St. Thomas-in-the-East. It seems that Tobias and Ann married in Jamaica around 1743. Both are buried in Livorno, at the Old English Cemetery, but they are not even close to each other as Ann lies in another sector of the burial ground, together with her close friend Ann RENNER (born CURRY), wife of the german merchant Georg Wilhelm RENNER (1706-1790).

Charles LAWRENCE, of Fairfield in Jamaica, had a son named George Hall LAWRENCE (c.1801-1869), of Mossley Hill near Liverpool, who in 1831 married Jane EARLE (1800-1883). The EARLEs were very much connected with Livorno as Jane’s mother was born there and her paternal grandfather Thomas EARLE (1719-1781) was a great merchant of this place. Their firm EARLE & HODGSON was very well known worldwide.

John OXENBRIDGE (1608-1674), a Minister in Boston and a pioneer in Guyana, Bermuda and Jamaica, had a brother, Daniel, who was a merchant in Livorno and wrote his will there, dying in 1643. His grave cannot be found, otherwise it would have been the oldest gravestone in the old English Cemetery, being 3 years older than Leonard Digges’ grave.

James PARK, a surgeon of Edinburgh, formerly of Jamaica, married Elizabeth MacLEAN in Kingston (Jamaica), in 1754. Elizabeth was a daughter of Donald MacLEAN, 5th of Torloisk, and sister of Christiana MacLEAN (c.1725-1781) whose son, Lt.-Gen. Lachlan MacLEAN (1754-1829) was buried as well in Livorno.

William Dean POYNTZ, clerk of Treasury in England and Chargé d’affaires at the Court of Turin, died and was buried in Livorno in 1789, aged about 40 years old. His father Deane POYNTZ (c.1725-1749), born in Jamaica, was of the well known family of London who gave birth also to Countess SPENCER and to the British Ambassador to Sweden Stephen POYNTZ. A cousin of his father was William POYNTZ (1682-1748), British Consul General at Lisbon, and another was Joseph POYNTZ (1691-?), merchant in Jamaica and father of Hannah who married Jacob RICKETTS of Midgham, Jamaica. A son of this couple was George Poyntz RICKETTS (1749-1800), Governor of Barbadoes in 1794-1800.

Samuel SAINTHILL (1770-1798), of Bradninch (Devon), died in Jamaica. He was a descendant of the 5th generation of Peter SAINTHILL (1593-1648) who died at Livorno and was a brother of Robert SAINTHILL (1604-1682), merchant at Livorno and, perhaps, British Consul as well. (Margaret SAINTHILL who was buried in Livorno in 1650 is a daughter of Robert).

Robert SEWELL (1751-1828), a barrister and attorney general in Jamaica, was father to Caroline, who married John Zachary FONNEREAU, son of Thomas FONNEREAU (1746-1788), merchant-banker in Livorno. Also this family has been deeply researched.

Samuel VAUGHAN (1720-1802), trader and President of the American Philosophical Society, was father to Benjamin VAUGHAN (1751-1835) who was born in Jamaica, and Ann VAUGHAN (1757-1847) who married into the DARBY family cited above.

Frances Anne WIGGINS, from Jamaica, married Edwin MAUDE in 1817,  brother of Barnabas MAUDE, merchant at Leghorn and Treasurer of the British Factory.

I posted a new article about other connections between Livorno and Jamaica on October 8th, 2010:

Jamaican connections in Livorno #2: The Beckfords.