This is going so fast !

I got in touch with professor White at University of California @ Irvine because of his studies on complexity and social networks after I visited his web page and I read about his analysis of genealogical networks and P-Graphs using the notorious Pajek software by Professors Andrej Mrvar and Vladimir Batagelj at the University of Ljubljana.

He created at once a wiki site at the UCI to publish our e-mail exchanges for future reference and collaboration with other people. You can find the link to the wiki on the left bar.

Today he produced the first graphical visualizations of the database together with some first-glance analysis. I am still very emotionally involved in this since it is the first time I have the honour of an expert analysing my data. The project is starting to talk by itself…

Stay tuned.

Pajek Image 1

Each vertical column is a patriline, the dotted arrows are maternal lines in a P-graph, with 58,308 families. The 75 horizontally colored circles are minimal temporal units needed to keep parents just above children and ancestors above descendants.

Pajek Image 2

These are the structurally endogamous families, from Image 1.