French historian and friend Mathieu GRENET presented his PhD thesis at the European Institute of Florence in 2010. This incredible 600 pages work, entitled “La fabrique communautaire – Les Grecs à Venise, Livourne et Marseille, v.1770-v.1830“, includes several important annexes of which I was allowed to publish here Annex n.33: “Les représentants élus de la “nation” grecque-orthodoxe de Livourne, 1775-1830”.

This list features the names of the elected representatives of the Greek-Orthodox brotherhood in Livorno between its foundation in 1775, and the independence of the Greek State in 1830. The brotherhood was in charge of carrying on a variety of duties, such as the management of the Church of the Holy Trinity, poor relief, and eventual assistance to the effort of the Greek war of independence. As it is, the list shows the monopoly exerted by a small number of families (first overwhelmingly from Epirus, then from the island of Chios) over what used to be the main institution of the Greek-Orthodox community. It also provides prosopographic information about some of the most prominent members of the trading elite of late-18th and early-19th century Livorno. Information on the post-1830 period can be retrieved in the archives of the Greek-Orthodox church held at the Archivio di Stato di Livorno (series 1, “Partiti, deliberazioni e votazioni”).


Date (dd/mm/yyyy) reg./f. Governor 1st advisor 2nd advisor 3rd advisor
17-28/10/1775 1/11 Theodoros Betzos Dimitrios Petrokokkinos Triantafillos Kassaros Ioannis Stamatakis
28/12/1776 1/17 Ioannis Argiri Vretos Dimitrios Kontazis Ioannis Georgios Ioannis Themelis
22/02/1778 1/19 Georgios Konstakis Paulos Rodokanakis Georgios Bachomis Athanasios Papa Pano
23/05/1779 1/22 Ioannis Argiris Triantafillos Kassaros Georgios Drosos Athanasios Papa Pano
07/01/1780 1/24 Dimitrios Petrokokkinos Athanasios Ilias Georgios Baikousis Ioannis Stamatakis
09/01/1781 1/27 Georgios Konstakis Petros Ralis Christodoulos Raftanis Georgios Roksos
18/01/1782 1/28 Theodoros Betzos Dimitrios Kondaxis Georgios Drosos Rizos Daskalos
21/01/1783 1/30 Georgios Konstakis Eustathios Mospiniotis Georgios Baikousis Chronis Stamatakis
18-29/01/1785 1/34 Ioannis Argiri Vretos Theodosios Zosimas Georgios Drosos Georgios Bachomis
17/01/1786 1/36 Petros Ralis Theodoros Petrokokkinos Triantafillos Kassaros Christodoulos Zoukis
16/01/1787 1/38 Georgios Konstakis Pantelis Rodokanakis Ioannis Stamatakis Konstantinos Raftanis
15-26/01/1788 1/40 Ioannis Argiri Vretos Dimitrios Kontaxis Georgios Drosos Georgios Bachomis
20-31/01/1789 1/42 Theodosios Zosimas Alexandros Patrinos Christodoulos Raftanis Christodoulos Zoukis
18-29/01/1790 1/46 Georgios Konstakis Pantoleon Rodokanakis Triantafillos Kassaros Konstantinos Bachomis
25-05/01/1791 1/48 Ioannis Argiri Vretos Loukis Ralis Ioannis Stamatakis Nikolaos Filo Bachomis
13-24/01/1792 1/51 Dimitrios Kontaxis Ioannis Konstakis Nikolaos Sgouros Ioannis Paschalis
22/01/1793 1/55 Nikolaos Zosimas Georgios Drosos Triantafillos Kassaros Theodoros Faras
14-25/01/1794 1/57 Georgios Konstakis Thomas Spaniolakis Christodoulous Zoukis Konstantis Bachomis
16-27/01/1795 1/59 Alexandros Patrinos Stefanos Bretzis Chronis Stamatakis Theodoros Faras
12-23/01/1796 1/63 Petros Rallis Argiris Ioannis Vretos Nikolaos Sgouros Georgios Bastekis
17-28/01/1797 1/65 Georgios Konstakis Georgios Drosos Christodoulos Raftanis Dimitrios Bachomis
09-20/01/1798 1/67 Theodoros Petrokokinos Ioannis Konstakis Ioannis Stamatakis Nikolaos Filo Bachomis
26/01/1799 1/71 Alexandros Patrinos Pantelis Rallis Christodoulos Raftanis Konstantinos Bachomis
21/01/1800 1/73 Dimitrios Kontaxis Argiris Ioannis Vretos Dimitrios Koimitzis Dimitrios Baikousis
19/01/1801 1/78 Michail Zosimas Thomas Spaniolakis Ioannis Filo Bachomis Georgios Bastekis, repl. by Dionisios Elliras
11-23/01/1802 1/85 Ioannis Kostakis Pantelis Rallis Dimitrios Bachomis Georgios Bastekis
10-22/01/1803 1/89 Alexandros Patrinos Stefanos Bretzis Nikolaos Sgouros Konstantinos Paraschis
14-26/01/1804 1/98 Michail Zosimas Argiri Ioannis Vretos Georgios Drosos Ioannis Sgiourzis
21-02/01/1805 1/103 Andreas Kostakis Frantseskos Rodokanakis Dimitrios Bachomis Georgios Filo Bachomis
20-01/01/1806 1/109 Alexandros Patrinos Thomas Spaniolakis Georgios Bastekis Christodoulos Dafrou
12-24/01/1807 1/119 Filipos Kostakis Christodoulos Despoti Konstantinos Paraskis Ioannis Spanos
11-23/01/1808 1/125 Alexandros Patrinos Panagiotis Pallis Konstantinos Bachomis Nikolaos Raftanis
09-21/01/1809 1/131 Dimitrios Kontaxis Stefanos Bretzis Athanasios Stamatakis Ioannis Spanos
08-20/01/1810 1/138 Michail Rodokanakis Ioannis Stamatakis Georgios Nikolaos Sgouros Georgios Pallis
14-26/01/1811 1/148 Panagiotis Pallis Christodoulos Despoti Konst. Steriou Bachomis Konst. Nikolaos Bachomis
13-25/01/1812 1/153 Filipos Kostakis Thomas Spaniolakis Emmanouil Rallis Ioannis Drosos
11-23/01/1813 1/156 Dimitrios Kontaxis Georgios Drosos Dimitrios Bachomi Georgios Mezitzi
10-22/01/1814 1/158 Alexandros Patrinos Stefanos Bretzis Konst. Ch. Stamatakis Georgios Komoutzis
Date reg./f. 1 epitrope 2 epitrope 3 epitrope 4 epitrope
16-28/01/1815 1/161 Panagiotis Pallis Christodoulos Despoti Ioannis Drosos Konst. Argyropoulos
08-20/01/1816 1/166 Michail Rodokanakis Dotor Ralis Michail Petrokokino Konstantinos Koniaros
13-25/01/1817 1/173 Filippos Kostakis Mathaios Mavrogordatos Andreas Louriotis Theodoros Maximoss
12-24/01/1818 2/2 Christodoulos Despotis Georgios Rodokanakis Ioannis Drosos Panagiotis Geralopoulos
11-23/01/1819 2/6 Alexandros Patrinos Konst. Mavrogordatos Konstantinos Stamatakis Argiris Anast. Vretos
10-22/01/1820 2/9 Michail Rodokanakis P. Ralis Michail Petrokokinos Ioannis Spanos
08-20/01/1821 2/15 Emmanouil Rallis Dimitrios Alexandros Dimitrios Bachomis Panagiotis Geralopoulos
07-19/01/1822 2/20 Zorzis Rodokanakis Stefanos Zygomalas Nikolaos Tossitzas Nikolaos Chatzi Paraski
13-25/01/1823 2/23 Panagiotis Pallis Zannis Skilitzis Ioannis Spanos Georgios Bitounis
12-24/01/1824 2/30 Christodoulos Despotis Esoch. Christodoulos Rasis Dimitrios Bachomis Leonis Argentis
10-22/01/1825 2/34 Michail Rodokanakis Dimitrios Mavrogordatos Emmanouil Mistanes Nikolaos Vergotis
09-21/01/1826 2/40 Panagiotis Pallis Nikolaos Tossitzas Konstantinos Patrinos Nikolaos Ch. Paraski
08-20/01/1827 2/47 Fragkoulis Rodokanakis Konstantinos Tossitzas Emmanouil Mistanes Dimitrios Kokkinakis
07-19/01/1828 2/55 Georgios Mestanis Manolis Rodokanakis Ioannis Vafiadakis Georgios Bitounis
12-24/01/1829 2/61 Pantias Rodokanakis Pantoleon Giamaris Dimitrios Kokkinakis Nikolaos Ch. Paraski
11-23/01/1830 2/65 Panagiotis Pallis Konstantinos Patrinos Nikolaos Stournaris Georgios Vintzentzou


Source: Archivio di Stato di Livorno, Serie I, Partiti, deliberazioni e votazioni, 1768-1817 [= 1] et 1818-1849 [= 2]