Here is a list of all the burials of the new English Burial Ground at Livorno, transcribed from the cemetery’s register. This cemetery was opened in 1839, when the older cemetery was closed. This “English garden” is, as well as the older one, in a very bad condition and most of the graves are inaccessible due to an extremely deep and dangerous vegetation. A few weeks ago I began exploring some parts of it with the help of a friend and by using some cutting tools. In the meanwhile I decided to publish this list to help out people looking for their relatives and hoping to get in touch with some of them.

N.B.: Please note that the spelling of names reflects the original register’s spelling as it was written by the then guardian of the place who transcribed the names directly from the graves.

*** UPDATE August 2010

An extensive cleaning of the cemetery is undergoing since June-July and finally the cemetery is now accessible. I just began taking pictures of the graves and will be able soon to make a new definitive list of the burials with dates and inscriptions. Unluckily there are many damaged graves, railings are falling apart, some marble monuments are destroyed or missing pieces, some inscriptions are hardly readable or worse. I also noticed many burials without any monument or slab, I am not sure whether these were once marked. Stay tuned.

*** UPDATE August 2011

The cemetery is still in ‘good’ condition. We are trying to figure out a way to set up a working organization for the upkeep and visits of this burial ground. I was not yet able to document all the monuments but a large part of them have been photographed. Soon there will be some maintenance works on the roof of the caretaker house. I finally got a proof of the fact that also this cemetery, as the old one, was bombed during WWII, and I found several pictures of the damages and some basic schemes of where the bombs fell.

Name & Year ofDeath

ALLEN Catherine Ann1868

APPELIUS Caroline Cadwalader1867

ARCHER William Spearman1891

ARCHER Giovanna1907

ARCHER Costantine Jarney1892

ARCHER Joseph1875

ARCHER Thomas1888

ARCHIBALD Joanna1862

ARNOLD Arthur Edward1881

ASLER Pell1883

ASHTON Ada Mary1870

ASHTON Alice1870

BAYARD DU TERRAIL Mary Louise Bettarini1889


BACKHOUSE John Church1848


BANCROFT Giovanni1883

BANCROFT Agnese1882

BANCKS John Edward1873

BANCKS Charles Frederic1873


BARNES Walter1842

BATEMAN George1877

BEAUMONT Elisa Mercedes1917

BEAMISH Charles (sculptor)1842

BECK William Hindle1864

BETTI Enry1843

BETHELL Benjamin1862

BETHELL Mary Ellen1890

BETHELL Mary1880

BETHELL Kate Courtman1936



BENIAKIEWKZ Henry Stanislaw1952

BLAKENEY Charles Altavilla1907

BLACKBURN Edward Albert1863

BLACKBURN Eliza Sarah1863

BLACKBURN Joseph1902

BOOTMAN Patrick (Rev.)1859

BORCHERDT Frederik (Consul)1877

BORZATTI Emily Elwes1892

BOWKE James1846

BOWYER Emily1840

BOX Matthew Henri1900

BRADBURY Eliza1889

BRADHURST Mary Elizabeth1897

BRAY William George1849

BRICE Anne Charlotte1850

BROK James1905


BRUCE John Collin Wood1854

BRUCE Hele Norah Selby1851

BRUCE Mary Florence1849

BRUSH Charles1844

BUTLER Fanny Elisabeth1881

CALDECOT Reginald1959

CAMBIER Maria Rolanda1874

CAMBIER Samuel James1878

CARMICHAEL Thomas Andrew1846

CLARK Eliza1890

CLARK Peter1855

CLARK Ellen Elisabeth1855

CLARK James1859

COATES Maria1921

COCKBURN Graham1897

COLLIE James1874

COLLIE Leonor Stuart1867

COLLIER William1859


COLLEY Henry1848

COLLEY Natale1848

COLLET Cristofer Theophilus1847

COLQUHOUN Elisabeth1870

CONNOR Amelia Ann-

CONNOR Robert1897


COOKE William Brian-

COOKE Dermont Terence (son of William Charles and Marie Carrol) 1989

COOK(E) Edward1853

COOK(E) John1889

CORSER Artur Gilbert1927

CROOKE Mitchael1841

CROSBIE Anne1842

COURTMAN Kate Bethell1936

COURTMAN Mannig William1949

Mc CLURE Andrew1865

CRAWFURD Ester1840

CRAWFURD Henry George1848

DALY Robert1874

DALTON Somaire Sophia1875

DAVIES Frederick1861

DAVIES Elisabeth1869

DAWSAN Johanna Barbara1871

DEARLE Julie Caterine1881

DE YONGH William Daniel1855

DENISON Eleonor1843

DE NORMANN Albert1914

DE NORMANN Baron John1912

DE NORMANN Henrietta1907

DAWSON Mary Agnes Massy-

DAWSON Francis Dennis1859

DAWSON Susan Massy-

DICKSON Robert1846

DISTON John Smith1840

DYER John E.-

DOYLE Alick1896

D’OYLY Charles (Sir)1846

DOWDESWELL Maria Francis1867

DRUBY Niram A.1881

DRUMMOND James A.1924

DUNN Roberto1887

DUNN Henry1867

DUNN Louisa Wallner1878

DUNKERLEY Hemby1817 (sic)

EASTER M. Elisabeth1843

ELLIOT Beatrice Alice Julia Grace1875

ELWES Katherine1844

ELWES Robert1866

ELWES Elisabeth1848

ERISIPPO Herbert Francis1865


FARQUHARSON Frederick Thomas1841

FIELD Mary Eleonor1865

FIELD Kickson Woolman1888

FORBES Kennedy Artur1803 (sic)

FORSTER Giovanna –

FORSTER Calotte Anne1840

FORSTER France –

FRASER Grace1853

FRY M. Joseph1848

FULTON Mary Jane Ulton Enderson1896

FURSE George Francis1841

GARDNER Grace Caton1858

GARDNER Caroline Mary Louisa1851

GALL John Daniel1924

GALL William1861

GANDELL Sarah Joice1857

GALBRAITH Thomas Anderson1857

GARSTON Robert (Colonel)1865

GIBBON Cecilia Isabella Eugenia1911

GIBBON James1884

GILBERT Thomas Brommond1904

GOOK Mary Anne1889

GOODWIN Edward Norwood1883

GOODWIN John1889

GORDON Jane1881

GOWER George Henry1879

GOWER Abel A. S.1899

GOWER Merope1935

GOWER Caroline B.1859

GRAFF Anna1878

GRAFF George1883

GRAFF Samuel1883

GRAFF Anna Louisa1911

GRAFF Caroline1924

GRAFF Eliza1931

GRANT John (Reverend)1838

GRANT Isaac1852

GRAWFORD James1916

GREGOR (Gow) Helen Cazalet1891

GREGGS Henry D.1852

GREEN Ellen1870

GREEN Edward Frederick –

GROSS William Jenniags1881

GROSS Eleonor1862

GROSS Mary1891

GROSS Eleonor Mary1863

GURNEY Joseph John1848

GURNEY Eliza Jane1847

HALES Caroline –

HALL John (M.D.)1886

HALL Lucy Giorgina1866

HALLOWES Thomas1856

HARLAN Lucy1888

HARINGTON Maria Elisabetta1850

HARINGTON Elisabeth1850

HARRISON Thomas1856

HASLEWOOD Joseph Thomas1818 (sic)


HASLEWOOD George1846

HATAERLY Charle Edward1872

HAYWARD Leslie George1863


HENDERSON Thomas1854

HENDERSON Robert Charles1913

HENDERSON Elisabeth Ramphi1868

HENDERSON Jemima Thomson1847

HENDERSON Fulton1858





HENDERSON George1934


HENDERSON George1877

HENDERSON Sarah (Hossel)1913

HENDERSON Lizzie1898

HENDERSON Thomas1924

HENDERSON James Thomson1885

HENDERSON George Paterson1891


HIGGS Elisabeth1852

HIERLY Dinam1851

HIERLY Sarah1845

HIERLY Elisabeth1920

HOLLAND Clara1897

HORTON George1852

HOSFORD Emma Morse1924

HOSTE Caroline Harriet Clementina1872

HUBER Maria H.1909

HUGHES Robert1877

HUTCHINSON Magdalen B.1860

HUNTINGTON Ada Elisabeth1863

HUNTINGTON Madalene Morrol1872

HUXTABLE P. S. F. (Reverend)1922

HEAP Margaret Porter1891

IRRING James1855

IRRING James Junior1856

JACKSON Isabella (Anne Temperly)1876

JACKSON Elisabeth1861


JACKSON Rosalina Emily Annie1863

JAGO Ester1915

JAGO George John1900

JAGO Isabella Grace Francis1872

JAGO William Charles1866

JAGO Isabella1848

JESSUP Augustus Edward1925

JEVONS Thomas1855

JONES Day Rowlan1919

JOHNSTON James Woods1844

JOUNG Dr. Plowman (M.D.)1840

JOUNG Elisa Orsini1856

JUDD Mariann Rossell1868

JULIAN Thomas1931

KAY Caroline-

KELLING Elisabeth1863

KERR William1842

KING Edward-

KNIGHT Houpt George1918

KIRKUP Seymour Stocker (Baron, Painter)1880

KLEIN William Laurence1927

LANE James Charles-

LANE Thomas Biggs1876

LANGFORD Grace Mary1857

LECKIE Gould Francis1850

LECKIE Sara Somers1811 (sic) [1877]

LECKIE Elisa Neal Bottai1879

LINDSAY Sophia1840

LOCKWOOD Robert Manners1865

LOWE Mary Eleonor Charlotte1844

LOWE Anne Mary1876

LOWE Emily Ada Russel1878

LOWE John Thomas (Consul)1879

LLOYD Robert1923

LLOYD Roberta1944

LLOYD William1914

LLOYD Gwendolen1897

LLOYD Louisa1898

LLOYD Evans1855

LLOYD Thomas1857

LLOYD Margareth1877

LLOYD Jane1842

LLOYD John1842

LLOYD Aleyn Basil-

LLOYD Ideth-

LLOYD Elyn Margareth1876

LLOYD Ehris1877

MAC BEAN Alexander1883

MAC BEAN Emily Irving1863

MAC BEAN Margarth1893

MAC BEAN Janet1867

MAC BEAN Alice Rosa1868

MAC BEAN Matthew Fletcher1870

MAC BEAN John Fraser1866

MAC BEAN Janet1871

MAC CARTHY George Edward1862

MAC CARTHY Forlane James (Reverend)1901

MAC CARTHY Leah Graham Campbell1915

MARDOCK James1847


MAROUSE Augusta1876


MARTIN Laura Clinton1890

MARTIN Charles and George1904?

MARTIN Emma1904?

MARIS Rose Melmont-

MATTHEWS Henry John1873



MERLI Steel Marion1933

MILLER Marian Rae1853

MITCHELL Cecil Cornewall1870

MONEY Mary Sophia-

MORGAN Sarah Jane1918

MORE James1884

MORRISON Allexande1905

MUDIE Robert1851

MULOCK Frances Sophia1863

MULLER Florence Lockart1853

NASH Francis1887

NASMITH Jamedon Blanche Violet1893

NEVILLE Georgiana1849

NICHOLSON Joseph1905

NICHOLSON Elisabeth Ann-

NIKMO James More1875

NOWELL Samuel1848

NOWELL Ellen Louisa1847

ONSLOW William1845

ONSLOW Emma Agnes1862

ONSLOW Henry Phillip1862

O’SULLIVAN William Samuel1857

O’SULLIVAN John Golpoys Mortimer1855

PAIN Mary Anne 1873

PAPE Thomas 1845

PARKER Margareth Dorothy 1866

PARKER Edward Hastings 1885

PARLANE James Millar 1852

PARROT Henry Clayton 1854

PASTOREL Anna Albert ne BERGDET 1888

PATE Peter 1853

PATE Beatrice 1879

PATE Mabel Alice 1863

PAUL Alexander 1848

PEAT James Lockie 1852

PEEK George 1844

PETTI Enrico 1858

PETTI Ester 1859

PETTI Hannah 1842

PIERCE Archibald 1860

POLHILL Robert William 1894

POLHILL Hariet Fisher 1895

POLHILL David Brown 1867

PORTER Heap Margaret 1891

PREVOST James 1865

PRICE John 1949

RAE Hope Howard 1931

RAE Margaret 1958

RAE Reginald Adam 1907

RAE James 1914

RAE Wilfrid James 1882

RAE Mary Anne 1887

RAE Samuel 1870

RAE Ellen Amelia 1882

RAE Margaret 1848

RAE Charles 1843

REES William 1894

REID Beatrice Meikle 1923

REID Cumberland 1838

RICARD Charles Lagloche 1880

RICHARDSON Anne Elisabeth 1849

RICHENDA Mary Elisa 1842

RICE William Thomas 1891

RISING Ruth Lawrence –

ROCCHI Maria Lloyd 1945

ROBLEY Adelaide Jane 1925

ROBLEY Sarah Caroline 1900

ROBERTSON William Gorbei 1907

ROBERTSON Robert 1878

ROBSON Costanza 1866

ROSE Charles MacIver 1899

ROSS Robert 1859


SANDIFORD Joseph 1861

SARTORI Victor A. 1907


SAUNDERSON Artur John 1855

SCOTT Marlett Sarah 1862

SMITH Janet –

SMITH Mary Frances 1884

SMITH John H. 1884

SMITH John 1851

SMITH Mary 1862

SMITH Currel 1864

SMITH Charles 1857

SMITH Gertrude 1848

SMITH Catherine E. C. 1875

SMITH Gertrude B. A. 1873

SNOW Elisabeth 1850

SPANNOCCHI Girolamo 1861

SPENCE Benjamin Evans (Sculptor) 1866

SPRANGER Dorothy Maud 1924

STEALEY Mercy Page 1936

STENENS Edund 1890

STEPHENSON Margaret 1859

STEVENS John Henry 1900

STEVENS George Augustus 1889

STEVENS Orlando 1925

STEWART Robert Walter (Reverend) 1887

STEWART Charles Francis 1847

STEWART Robert 1849

STRATTON Marianna 1901


STRATFORD Mason Gerard (Baron) 1849

STURGES William (Cap.?) 1847

SUNDERLAND Mary Elisabeth 1871

SUTER Henry 1885

SUTAR Anna Massotti 1843

SWEENEY Eliza Chapman 1879

TAYLOR Thomas 1840

TAYLOR Isaac William 1890

TEALDI Elisabeth Jean 1877

TEALDI Jane Emily 1850

TEALDI Giulia Gabriella 1885


TENISON Thomas 1843

THOMAS George Edwarde 1915

THOMAS Alice G. –

THOMAS G. E. (Gen.) 1899

THOMAS Cristmas (Cap.) 1897

THOMSON David 1858

THORNILL Charlotte 1860

THORNILL Robert 1858

THORPE Clarice Anne Graeme 1876

TOLLISON Hans 1886

TULIN Susanna Colucci 1901

UREN – –

VON WEIGELSPERS nel Eglan (Baroness) 1876

WAYMOUTH Henry Clanville 1883

WAYMOUTH Susan 1885

WARD Elisabeth 1854

WEBB Charles 1865

WEST William 1840

WEST John 1856

WILLIAMS Herry 1850


WINNIE Alberth 1869

WINNIE Richard 1869

WINNIE James 1878

WITBY TEALDI Elisabeth Jean 1938

WITTLE Eliza 1894?

WOOD George 1852

WOODS Natnam James 1885

WREN Richard Giles 1880