Old English Cemetery of Livorno: Survey and analysis Monday, Apr 12 2010 

Actual Status (with a lucky meeting…)

A few weeks ago I started the first deep survey of this exceptional burial ground, having the chance of finding there a guy who was cleaning up volountarily the “jungle” that keeps growing and literally swallowing the monuments, graves and, with them, the centuries of history that are trying desperately to communicate with us. I have to say that many of the graves have already been “eaten” by the vegetation, and it’s a really hard work to figure out where they were placed in the cemetery and which pieces of stones belong to them if still readable.
Below I posted a few images of the actual state “before and after”. My good fellow (more…)


Burials at the Old English Cemetery of Livorno (Via Verdi) Wednesday, Jan 20 2010 

This list is based on the book « The Inscriptions of the Old British Cemetery of Leghorn » by Gery Milner-Gibson-Cullum and Francis Campbell Macauley, Giusti, Livorno, 1906. The order of the burials follows the original order of the book. The first part of the list (black) contains Englishmen and Americans, the last part of the list ( blue) are people from other nationalities. Married women have both their surnames; I used the form: ‘married name’ née ‘former name’ if this can be clearly deducted from the inscription. The date of death is the one that appears on the funeral inscription as reported by the 1906 book. An asterisk beside the date indicates that the person has then been removed from Livorno. An exclamation mark indicates a correction apported by further knowledge (i.e. internet users, researches, etc…), followed by the correction. (more…)

Huguenot Wills and Administrations in England and Ireland 1617-1849 Monday, Nov 2 2009 

I am finally finishing up the analysis and integration of this excellent source to the database. It has taken over a month !

The book is published as number LX (60) of  the “Quarto Series” of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

Check the PDF flier and bibliographic details.

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