On this page you will find the transcribed index of the Non-Catholic Civil Marriages of Livorno from 1818 to 1865. The transcribed index follows the original spelling of names with the exception of diacritical marks. The index is comprised of 3288 single entries (representing 1644 marriages) and 1013 family names.

→ each index entry contains only the name of one of the two spouses. Full data is available in each certificate.

NOTE: If you are researching, for example, the DE CASTRO family, you will find several entries of interest: CASTRO / CASTRO (DE) / CASTRO (DI). All particles (like DE or DI, DELLA, etc.) have been put after the surname inside parentheses, as in the original register. Several surnames were originally transcribed in many different variants, i.e.: ABULAFIA, ABBULAFFIA, ABOLAFFIA, ABULAFFIA. Another example is the confusion between the letters H-K, as in HABIB-KABIB, HAEMMERER-KAEMMERER, etc., so it’s advised to search thoroughly through the register to find all the related entries. Also, if you landed on this page directly from a search engine, please check the main page about these registers.


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