Divided into Births, Marriages and Deaths, these registers were created for the non-catholic populace of Livorno (Jews, Protestants, Anglicans, Huguenots, Waldensians, Muslims, Orthodox Greeks, etc.) beginning in 1818 and ending with the creation of the municipal “Anagrafe” (Civil Registrar Office) in 1865, after the unification of Italy (1861). I spent several days digitizing the three-volume indexes (called “Repertori”) and several weeks taking pictures of hundreds of the original acts. I have transcribed the totality of the indexes to allow people to search for families and individuals. The three indexes are composed of 15898 single entries, representing a total of 3628 surnames (1013 surnames for both births’ and marriages’ indexes and 1602 for the deaths’ index).

The original registers and indexes are kept in the Historical Archive of the Municipality of Livorno (Archivio Storico del Comune di Livorno) and are available for consultation on appointment only.

Each entry of the indexes is composed of 6 columns indicating the surname and name of the individual, the name of the father, the year of the act and, finally, the act and volume number. My transcription will include the full name, the name of the father and the year. Through this index you will then be able to find the act(s) of your interest which include much more information about the person (see below for an actual example).

NOTE: If you are researching, for example, the DE CASTRO family, you will find several entries of interest: CASTRO / CASTRO (DE) / CASTRO (DI). All particles (like DE or DI, DELLA, etc.) have been put after the surname inside parentheses, as in the original register. Several surnames were originally transcribed in many different variants, i.e.: ABULAFIA, ABBULAFFIA, ABOLAFFIA, ABULAFFIA. Another example is the confusion between the letters H-K, as in HABIB-KABIB, HAEMMERER-KAEMMERER, etc., so it’s advised to search thoroughly through the register to find all the related entries.

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in one or more entries, I can digitize them for you and transcribe/translate them into English or French. I also build genealogical data into trees and I am able to provide hosting for your Livorno genealogies. Please refer to my LivornoGen website for any requests you may have. You can always as well decide to donate towards the maintenance of this page. Thank you.

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Please click on the following links to access the transcriptions of the indexes:

Non-catholic civil registers of BIRTHS (1818-1865)

Non-catholic civil registers of MARRIAGES (1818-1865)

Non-catholic civil registers of DEATHS (1818-1865)


An example of a full death certificate from the non-catholic civil registers (click to enlarge)