A couple of days ago we discovered traces of at least three small graves, probably all belonging to children, given their dimensions. One of them in particular contained lots of fragments that we collected and cleaned.

Here you can see the grave which contained about a hundred fragments.

Then we separated all the fragments containing any trace of inscription and we roughly cleaned them with simple water, then we laid them out on a clear marble slab nearby to have a better overall view. A couple of fragments in particular attracted our attention: one with the letters “RICH…” and the other with the number “179…”.

A quick look at the cemetery’s “Bible” (the book on the inscriptions by Carmichael) and a search on the text of the inscriptions showed just one possible result: Richard Peterson, 2 years old, died in 1790 !

“Beneath this stone | is [sic] the remains of | Richard Peterson | son of Richard and | Sarah Peterson | died 21 April 1790. | aged 2 years.

I shot detailed pictures of  all the pieces and a few hours later I began the virtual reconstruction on the computer, mounting the fragments according to the transcription of the book which, luckily, indicates line breaks as well.

When I got back to the cemetery the next day, I applied my findings to the real fragments with the help of my friends: this is the result for now.

Finally this little child has been given back the inscription honouring him and I hope it will soon be possible to find a way to put it back on his grave.