As you probably read in the Sources [Livorno], there are two registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials kept by the British Factory Chaplain at Leghorn dating from 1707 all the way to 1824. These records do not just include Anglican people but all the foreigners dwelling in Livorno and surrounding areas (Genoa, Florence, Pisa, etc…) who where not catholic, so one can find in it Swiss, French, Germans, Russians, Austrians, etc…

Many years ago I managed to get paper copies of both registers and later on I also got digital copies of them. In 2007 I met Professor Stefano Villani (Modern History researcher), who was also working on the first of the two registers, and he proposed a collaboration, merging our data in the perspective of a future publication.

Work on the first register is still in progress due to the enormous amount of time required to transcribe, analyse and then research information.

A few days ago I also started the first phase of work on the second register (1784-1824) together with my dear french cousin Hélène Koehl in Strasbourg with whom I am also working on some parts of the project since many years now.

Updates on this will follow as soon as there are some news.

***UPDATE March 2011 –

The digital indexing of both registers is almost complete: all individuals included in the first of the two registers (1707-1783) have been indexed and entered in the main database. All burials, marriages and part of the baptisms of the second register (1784-1824) have also been indexed and entered in the database. In most cases I also indexed witnesses and the officiating ministers.

The Chapel Register of the Protestant Society at Leghorn

Cover page of the first volume of the Chapel Register (1707-1783)