I’d like to address you on the “About” page just to get an outlook of the ideas that led to this project.  In the space below I will post some articles and lists about parts of the project or interesting places I came across, or important sources for which there’s not much information on the Internet. I will also be posting project updates and stories. Have a good time here and feel free to comment, contribute or get in touch with me by e-mail. Thanks for visiting.

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P.S. (2) On Halloween night 2010 the blog reached finally 10,000 visitors since its opening a little more than one year ago. I’d like to thank every visitor for taking time to read my posts and articles and I wish to thank especially the 20 subscribers for their trustfulness!

P.S. (3) On November 21st, 2010 the Leghorn Merchant Networks Database has exceeded 100,000 individuals, just a few months short of its 10th anniversary!

P.S. (4) In August 2011 the blog exceeded 20,000 visitors and 38 subscribers, THANKS!!